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Experience S.W.A.T. at Grace Farm

S.W.A.T. is our youth leadership training program at Grace Farm Youth Camps.  The acronym stands for: Servants Worthy And True, which is the goal of the program.  

Opportunity:  SWAT is an opportunity for eligible students to receive Bible and leadership training with hands on opportunities in the unique context of a camp setting.  

Ages:  Application may be made by students who are at least 12 years old and until the summer after graduation from high school.

Application:  Students may apply for the program by clicking the “Apply for S.W.A.T” button below.

Benefits to SWAT members:  For students who apply themselves, SWAT can be a life changing experience.  The training received is biblically based and amplified through practical opportunities to serve others and lead.  SWAT is a fantastic opportunity for fun times of learning and serving together with other likeminded students.  

Commitment:  Upon acceptance to the program, SWAT members commit to come to the SWAT Training Retreat.  Upon receiving this training, a SWAT member is eligible to serve at Grace Farm at any summer events that are feasible.  The SWAT member is able to participate as a camper during any events that fit his or her age group.

Costs for SWAT Members: 

SWAT Training Retreat:  The 2021 SWAT Training Retreat is free to those accepted into the program. 

The Georgia Missions Project:  This is a service project that allows students, adults, and families to experience a short term missions project.  Participants are asked to raise support at the level of only $195.

Junior Camp:  Cost is only $96 per camper, ages 8-12.  SWAT Members who are outside the eligible age and are serving pay nothing.

Camp Grace:  Cost is only $146 per camper, ages 12 – 18.  SWAT Members who are outside the eligible age and are serving pay nothing.

Wild Camp:  Cost is only $146.

Payment:  SWAT Members are not paid.

Expectations: SWAT members receive unique knowledge, training, and know-how that enables them to conduct themselves and serve as SWAT members any time they come to Grace Farm, however; we expect SWAT members to enjoy the full camp experience as campers during events in which they are registered as campers.