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Experience S.W.A.T. at Grace Farm

S.W.A.T. is our youth leadership training program at Grace Farm Youth Camps.  The acronym stands for: Servants Worthy And True, which is the goal of the program.  

Opportunity:  SWAT is an opportunity for eligible students to receive Bible and leadership training with hands on opportunities in the unique context of a camp setting.  

Ages:  Application may be made by students who are at least 12 years old and until the summer after graduation from high school.

Application:  Students may apply for the program by clicking the “Apply for S.W.A.T” button below.

Benefits to SWAT members:  For students who apply themselves, SWAT can be a life changing experience.  The training received is biblically based and amplified through practical opportunities to serve others and lead.  SWAT is a fantastic opportunity for fun times of learning and serving together with other likeminded students.  

Commitment:  Upon acceptance to the program, SWAT members commit to come to the SWAT Training Retreat. This retreat is a free event for SWAT members. Upon receiving this training, a SWAT member may:

  1. Register as a camper for any Grace Farm event that fits the proper age category.  Camp fee is payable and the SWAT member enjoys the event as a camper.  Some SWAT responsibilities may be carried out.
  2. Serve as a SWAT Team Member for any other events.  The SWAT Team member will serve, lead, and learn while enjoying the unique benefits and fellowship of the SWAT Team members. No fee payment is required for these events.
  3. Any time a trained SWAT member is on the Grace Farm campus, the member is expected to move, act, and do according to the training and expectations of the SWAT program. 
  4. The Georgia Missions Project is a service oriented missions event.  Student missionaries are encouraged to seek and raise prayer and financial support. Parents may opt to simply send in the required support level, but having a support team including family, friends, and the local church is an extremely beneficial experience to the student missionary.

Costs for SWAT Members: 

SWAT Training Retreat:  The 2023 SWAT Training Retreat is free to those accepted into the program. 

The Georgia Missions Project:  This is a service project that allows students, adults, and families to experience a short term missions project.  Participants are asked to raise support at the level of only $195.

Junior Camp:  Cost is only $96 per camper, ages 8 to 12.  SWAT Members who are outside the eligible age and are serving pay nothing.

Camp Grace:  Cost is only $146 per camper, ages 12 to 18.  SWAT Members who are outside the eligible age and are serving pay nothing.

Wild Camp:  Cost is only $96.

Payment:  SWAT Members are not paid.

Expectations: SWAT members receive unique knowledge, training, and know-how that enables them to conduct themselves and serve as SWAT members any time they come to Grace Farm, however; we expect SWAT members to enjoy the full camp experience as campers during events in which they are registered as campers.